experience a living room re-imagined, where creativity meets comfort. transform your space into a haven of style and relaxation with artisan designs and curated piece.



we have transformed our boutiques this festive season with wondrous decorations. come and explore our curation of lifestyle ideas to entice your home. visit our boutiques at pacific place – shop 355 level l3, pacific place 2 88 queensway admiralty. elements – shop 1025-26 ,level 1 elements, 1 austin road.

The Skyline Collage theme takes particular reference from the abstract art of Kandinsky and the intricate cinematic metropolis silhouettes of Frtiz Lang. Exploring its juxtaposition of lines and forms, Fu discovered a tapestry of inspiration, their unique expression of geometry are refined into the expressive lines of the Fu’s designs.

Rooted in Asian heritage and craftsmanship. Looking to reflect the Asian landscape in its truthful form, Fu has taken particular artistic inspiration from the poetic language of Chinese ink painting. Through delicate and calligraphic brushstrokes, Fu’s designs subtly nod to Chinese artists such as Wu Guanzhong. Celebrated as a founding father of Modern Chinese ink painting

Drawing inspirations from the Art Deco movement and the cultivated Zen gardens in Kyoto, a collection that reveals a synergy between the two visually contrasting concepts.



A sensory journey to celebrate the notion of ‘Modern Reflection’.

‘We are living in an era of digital times with constant social media distractions, unlike the generations before us. It is important to be able to step back. This means having time and space to reflect on our personal walk of life. This echoes my strong belief that we need to learn from the past in order to foster creativity. To me, true luxury is in the experience and not just the aesthetic

André Fu Living

‘To me, true luxury is in the experience and not just the aesthetics.’

Known for his modernist sensibilities and distinctive ability to bring a calm simplicity to interior spaces, architect André Fu has been the influence behind some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants.

In 2016, Fu also tapped into the world of product design by collaborating with unique artisans personally selected by him. His ‘Ribbon Dance’ chair for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades gained global recognition, including Elle Decor China’s ‘Best Chair Design Award’.

With the establishment of André Fu Living, his vision seeks to translate the brand into different areas of lifestyle – a vision to embrace a genuine expression of ‘lifestyle from within’.

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