Art Déco Swirl Carpet Purple


immerse in our poetic carpet design that is inspired by the sensuous patterns of traditional zen gardens and the unique geometries from the art deco period. using a palette of mauve, pale purple and light grey, it creates an intriguing visual effect that evokes sensuality. the framework of pattern composition is particularly intriguing to accentuate any interiors to a high note of style. the rug is available in four sizes.


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R188S7BRAD12   170 x 240 cm

R188S7BRAD21   200 x 260 cm

R188S7BRAD23   200 x 300 cm

R188S7BRAD24   245 x 350 cm

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170 x 240cm, 200 x 260cm, 200 x 300cm, 245 x 350cm

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